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Survival Course

First survival course in Portobuffolè In collaboration with "Venice Lagoon Survival" we organise the first basic survival course in Portobuffolè held by qualified professionals. The first course will take place from Saturday 21.10.2023 at 0900 to Sunday 22.10.2023 at about 1500. Topics covered: - Survival theory and practice - Shelter construction - Water collection and purification - Lighting a fire - Kayak excursion on Livenza river (approx. 30 km) - Construction of hunting traps - Construction of survival tools - Culling and treatment of game - Introduction to orientation We will take care to bring participants to a level of knowledge that will enable them to participate in future intermediate and advanced courses. It is also possible to organise customised courses on different dates for groups of 6 to 12 people. For more detailed information and bookings please contact us. Courses can be held in both Italian and English.

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